What do I find in the My profile page?

My profile shows the information about you that is known by the bibliometric system. Some is imported from the Karolinska Institutet and SLL staff catalogues KIMKAT and EK, but some can be entered or changed by you directly in the bibliometric system.

My namestrings

The My namestrings section shows the namestrings that we use to locate you as an author on the publications in the database. The primary use is to simplify for you to find your publications via the auto suggestion list on the first page, but sometimes they are also used in analyses to identify your place in the author list.

Your primary namestring is automatically generated from KIMKAT or EK. This cannot be deleted or changed by you and is for technical reasons not updated automatically even if changed in KIMKAT/EK, so if you do not publish under the name listed here you need to contact the university library to have it changed (kib@ki.se).

Add alternative namestrings

Under Add alternative namestrings you can add any other names that you've published under. This is for example advisable if you have a middle initial on some of your publications, if you have a double family name (with or without hyphen) or if you have changed your family name during your career as a researcher.

By default, searches based on namestrings are limited to publications with Sweden somewhere in the address field. You can remove this limit on namestrings if you wish (for example if you've published while at another university).

Research active at/My affiliation

This information is retrieved from the Karolinska Institutet and SLL staff catalogues KIMKAT and EK. If the information is incorrect you have to contact your local KIMKAT/EK administrator to get it changed. For Region Stockholm affiliations you can choose to uncheck your active affiliation(s) as research affiliations.

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