Tips for Microsoft Word

As a student or researcher at KI, the Microsoft Word software will most likely be your word processor of choice. You might use it for a short thesis, your dissertation or for scientific articles. In either case, it's good to learn more about the Word software to enhance your writing process.

Microsoft Word is one part of the Office suite, which also includes e.g. Excel and PowerPoint. The Office suite exists in many versions. The library computers are equipped with the Office 2010 version, but you might of course have an other version installed on your own computer.

There are also specific Word versions for Mac. The latest version is Word for Mac 2019; the previous was Word for Mac 2016.

On Wikipedia, you'll find a complete list of all different versions.

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Page numbers

In theses, page numbering (pagination) often starts after the title page and the table of contents, for example on page 3 in the document. In our instruction you can find out how to do this in Word.

Page numbering starting at page 3 in Word


As a student, please contact the library staff if you need support in Word.

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If you are a doctoral student and need assistance with the thesis template, contact the research support below.

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