Springer Nature Fully Open Access – an open access agreement for KI researchers

As a researcher at Karolinska Institutet, as of July 15 2019, you can publish your articles without a publication fee in just over 570 fully open access journals* from Springer Nature.

Springer Nature Fully OA is a pilot agreement within the Bibsam Consortium where the research funders (the Swedish Research Council, Forte, Formas and Vinnova) account for 50 per cent of the publication fee during the contract period July 2019 - December 2021. The remaining 50 per cent is paid by each university.

The agreement acquires that you are:
   •  corresponding author 
   •  affiliated with KI

How do I proceed as an author?

Use your email address that ends with @ki.se when you submit your manuscript to the publisher so that they can see that you belong to KI. Once you have your article accepted in one of the relevant journals (see below), you will receive an email from the publisher with a link asking you to enter your affiliation, write Karolinska Institute. Before the article is made freely available online, the university library verifies that you are affiliated with Karolinska Institutet and approves the publication fee.

More information

Imprints included in the deal:

  • BioMed Central (BMC) (313 journals)
  • Springer Open Journals (216 journals)
  • Nature Research (46 journals, including Nature Communications and Scientific Reports)
  • Palgrave Macmillan (1 journal)

Download a list with the journals covered (pdf).

Read more about the agreement with Springer Nature or contact Library Research Support if you have questions about the agreement or publishing in general.

*All content in fully open access journals is freely available and accessible for anyone, no subscriptions needed.

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