As a researcher at Karolinska Institutet, as of 1 January 2020, you can publish open access in more than 2,000 journals from Elsevier. 

The agreement covers publishing fees for articles first submitted from January 1 2020. You need to be corresponding author and affiliated with KI. Use your KI email address when submitting, to help the identification process. The agreement is valid from 1 January 2020 through 31 December 2022.

Journals covered by the agreement:

  • Elsevier titles, including society journals. Title list (pdf)
  • Cell Press titles. Title list (pdf)
  • The Lancet fully open access titles*: Digital Health, The Lancet Global Health, The Lancet Planetary Health, The Lancet Public Health, EBioMedicine, EClinicalMedicine.

The agreement allows publishing with CC-BY license (or another open license, according to the author's wishes).

Article types covered by the agreement:

  • PIT=CRP — Case Report
  • PIT=DAT — Data in brief
  • PIT=FLA — Full-length article
  • PIT=MIC — Microarticle
  • PIT=OSP — Original software publication
  • PIT=PGL — Practice Guidelines
  • PIT=PRO — Protocol
  • PIT=REV (journals) — Review article (not books reviews)
  • PIT=RPL — Replication Studies
  • PIT=SCO — Short communication
  • PIT=SSU — Short review


More information

Author instructions from Elsevier. (pdf)

Please contact Research Support at the library if you have questions about the Elsevier agreement or publishing in general.

*All content in fully open access journals is freely available and accessible for anyone, no subscriptions needed.

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