A unique researcher ID

ORCID (Open Researcher & Contributor ID) is an international register of unique researcher ID's, the main aim of which is to solve the problem of researchers with the same/similar names by giving a unique identifier to researchers throughout the entire world. ORCID has been created at the instigation of universities, funding bodies and publishers/journals and, in the long-term, be used both for applications and publications.

In Sweden, the Swedish Research Council has given notification that ORCID will be used for applications beginning in 2014. Publishers such as Elsevier, Nature Publishing Group and Thomson Reuters have also begun using ORCID in various procedures.

It is also possible to add a biography and upload a publication list and a CV to your ORCID profile. However, the main purpose of ORCID is not to gather together information about researchers; instead it is to be a register with unique researcher IDs that can be used by other services where it is in researchers' interests to show information about themselves and their publications.

As an individual researcher, you will, for example, benefit from having an ORCID in your dealings with funding bodies and journals. Instead of having to repeatedly fill in information about yourself and your publications, increasing numbers of services will come to support this information being automatically retrieved from ORCID.

Register a profile

The most convenient way for researchers at KI is to register an ORCID via the Bibliometric Verification Toolkit. This allows you to export your publications to ORCID directly.

However, you will have complete control of your ORCID profile and can change what information we and other organisations and people can see in your profile. If you do not want to register your ORCID via the bibliometric database, you can register directly on the ORCID website.

Unless you specify otherwise, Karolinska Institutet will only have access to the public sections of your profile – normally your ORCID, biography and publication history. If you choose to create or register an ORCID in the bibliometric database, we will know your ID number, but this is the only difference between KI and everyone else.


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