PLOS – an open access agreement for KI researchers

As a researcher at the Karolinska Institutet, you can publish without fees in all the fully open access journals from PLOS.

Between KI and PLOS (Public Library of Science), there is now an agreement that offers KI's researchers to publish their articles open access without a publication fee in any PLOS journal. The agreement applies for manuscripts submitted after 1 January 2019 and means that KI has deposited a fixed one-off sum, from which the publication fee (article processing charge or APC) is drawn.  

How do I proceed as an author?

The agreement acquires that you are:
   •  corresponding author 
   •  affiliated with KI

When you, as a KI corresponding author submit a manuscript to a PLOS journal, select "Institutional Account Program" and Karolinska Institutet. And, in order for you to avoid the fee, it is also important that you enter your email address that ends with

More detailed instructions for authors are found at the PLOS website.

More details about PLOS

The agreement covers all PLOS journals.

Please contact Library Research Support if you have questions about the PLOS agreement or about publishing in general.

*All content in fully open access journals is freely available and accessible for anyone, no subscriptions needed.

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