Oxford University Press – an open access agreement for KI researchers

As a researcher at the Karolinska Institutet you can publish open access free of charge in more than 320 hybrid journals* from Oxford University Press.

Between Swedish research institutions and Oxford University Press there is now a national agreement which entitles KI researchers to publish their articles open access in Oxford University Press hybrid journals. In this agreement, the publication fee (article processing charge or APC) is already prepaid, since the agreement includes both the costs of the library's subscriptions as well as the costs of open access publishing. The agreement applies from 1 January 2019 through 31 December 2021. 

Please note that the agreement is only estimated to cover 60 % of the total expected publication for all participants in the national agreement in 2019, therefore there are no guarantees that a submitted article will be covered by the agreement. By 2020 the agreement is estimated to cover 70 % and by 2021, 80 % of the total expected publication.

How do I proceed as an author?

The agreement requires that you are:
   •  corresponding author 
   •  affiliated with KI

  • When the manuscript has been accepted for publishing, you, as the corresponding author, will receive an email with login credentials to Oxford University Press Author Services Site. Under Manuscript Licenses you need to select a licence for your article. After choosing an open access licence (for example CC-BY) and having approved the terms of the licence, you will end up at the page Publishing charges for your article.
  • On the page Publishing Charges for Your Article, under Open Access Prepayment Account, there is a scroll down menu. Select Swedish Universities (BIBSAM affiliated) in the menu. After you have completed the next steps and you have been verified as KI affiliated you will not have to pay any APC charges. 
  • Please note that other charges such as page charges, color figures or offprints are not covered.

More information

Download a list of the journals covered (pdf).

Author information (pdf).

Please contact Library Research Support if you have questions about how Oxford University Press Read & Publish works or publishing in general.

*A hybrid journal is a journal that is basically subscription-based, but where individual articles may be made open access, usually by paying a publishing fee (article processing charge or APC).

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