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Terms for the agreement 

  • You need to be the corresponding author.
  • You need to be affiliated with KI and you should also state this in the article.
  • Use your email address ending with @ki.se and enter Karolinska Institutet as your institution to facilitate identification.

Author instructions

Information to authors from Oxford University Press

Which journals are included in the agreement?

The agreement covers publishing in about 320 hybrid journals.

To see which titles are included in the agreement, search the Open Access / APC Checker Tool for the publisher Oxford University Press and open the Excel file that is generated. Keep in mind that there might be changes to the title list during the year.

What is not included in the agreement?

Please note that other charges such as page charges, color figures or offprints are not covered.

Publishing licences

CC-BY is standard with Oxford University Press. More information about CC-BY-licences.

More information

Please contact Library Publishing Support if you have questions about Oxford University Press or about publishing in general.

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