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Do you need help to visualise your research so as to make it easier to communicate, for instance, in a teaching situation? Or perhaps you would like to vary your teaching with a podcast or video sequence? At KI, you can get help with different kinds of productions from the Educational Technologists and Bildmakarna.

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Educational Technologists

The Educational Technologists work with the development of digital teaching tools and net-based learning. If you would like to vary your teaching with the help of digital media, but are not sure where to begin, start by contacting us for help and guidance.


The Educational Technologists can help with small and large projects. These can be used to clarify processes that are difficult to describe with words. We can help you with everything from the development of individual learning objects to an entirely net-based course.

Teaching films

Would you like to make an instructional video or perhaps a podcast? You can use our film and sound studios to produce podcasts and interactive videos. Contact us to arrange a tour or to find out how we can help you with your production needs.

Animation and illustrations

You can use illustrations in your thesis, a scientific article, poster or PowerPoint presentation. Digitally produced illustrations can also be used as a starting point to create animations or interactive graphics. Contact us if you want to know more about illustrations and animations.

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Whether you need illustrations for a conference or a course book, Bildmakarna can help you with printings, photography, drawings and digital illustrations. We have professional photographers and graphical designers at your service.


If you need to present your research in poster format, you can get help from Bildmakarna with the layout and printing of your poster. On their website, there are poster templates that follow KI's graphic profile. Bildmakarna also run courses in poster design. 

Photos & Pictures

Bildmakarna have two experienced photographers who can be booked for different photo assignments, for example, graduation portraits. Bildmakarna are often engaged to photograph solemn occasions at KI, such as the conferment ceremony in the City Hall.

Video recordings

Bildmakarna can also help with different kinds of video recordings, for instance, the recording of lectures and other events. Visit Bildmakarnas web page to read about which services they can offer.

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