ICT tools at KI

If you want to produce different kinds of learning resources, there are several different ICT programs and web services to choose from. The following is a list of the most common programs and web services that are used at KI to produce digital learning resources. The ICT tools are divided into different production categories and are available for teachers at KI. Several of the ICT tools are also integrated into the learning platform, Ping Pong


Jing – Free software for PC and Mac. Download Jing

Screencasting and video

Screencast-o-matic – Web-based screen recording software available for all KI employees. Contact the Educational Technologists at KIB for the password.
Camtasia – Advanced screen recordning software. Contact the Educational Techonolgists for more information.
QuickTime – Pre-installed on all Mac computers.

Audio recording/editing

Audacity – Free downloadable program available for both PC and Mac.
Adobe Audition – Contact the Educational Technologists.

Video editing

Filmora Wondershare
Adobe Premiere Pro – Advanced video-editing software. (Contact the Educational Technologists)
iMovie (Mac) – Pre-installed on all Mac computers, alos available as an app for Iphone/Ipad.

Video conferencing

Zoom – All employees of KI can create meetings with Zoom using their KI-ID.
Skype – Free downloadable software for computer and mobile devices.

Digital note-taking and communication software

Evernote – Free web service for digital notes, downloadable app for PC and mobile devices.

Digital whiteboard

Educreations – Free application for mobile devices. Sign up
Vittle – Free app for Ipad (Apple). Search for Vittle in Appstore.

Quiz/test questions

Quizlet.com – Web service for creating flash cards, quizzes and tests. Sign up

Learning management system

Canvas –  KI's learning platform. Log in with your KI-ID. Canvas is also available as a downloadable app for mobile devices.
Ping Pong – KI's learning platform. Log in with your KI-ID. Ping Pong is also available as a downloadable app for mobile devices. 

Web publishing

KI Play (KI's media server) – KI staff can upload and share images and audiovisual media
Youtube – Free web service for video sharing

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