Case 1 – Google search

This is one example of how you can investigate if someone else already has produced the educational material you need.

Hilda would also like to find some materials to enhance her course page.

Advanced Google search

She started the search by entering the term "eye anatomy" and then clicking on settings to open the advanced search in Google. In the advanced search settings, she could specify which usage rights to search for, in this case she wanted materials that she could use and share without needing to contact the copyright holder. By opening the different webpages listed in the search results, she found a page from a university in Sydney, Australia demonstrating Eye optics with helpful animations that she could share with her students.



Normal Google search

In her next search, she used the regular Google search window and entered the terms “open educational resources” and “ocular anatomy” into Google’s search page.  The many possible results are ranked in order of what Google’s engines determine to be most relevant. Notice in the image how suggestions are given for Scholarly articles and at the bottom of the page, related searches, such as a quiz about eye anatomy. Clicking on the quiz link reveals an online quiz about eye anatomy and checking the license at the bottom she notices that it has a Creative Commons license. She bookmarks the page for possible use later on.

Continuing the search from the original results she starts opening the resulting links, such as OER Commons, but finds very little material there on her subject. She tries the next link and it leads to an open source textbook on Anatomy and Physiology available as a PDF-file. She thinks it might be useful, but would like to find some material, possibly a video that she can add Swedish text to if possible.

She tries two more links and then Eureka! She finds a site with just the video she needs, a 25-minute film describing the lens, the muscles, the bones, layers and receptors.  She opens the film in Vimeo, where it is published and then obtains the share link. She can now embed the film directly into Ping Pong

Share a video

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