Success in the laboratory

Before we enter the laboratory for learning, the students receive background information and a written agenda, says Karl. However, the students complain that they are unprepared when they come to the lab, which creates confusion when they are going to do their own experiments. They are unfamiliar with lab equipment, chemicals and all of the new terminology. Karl is forced to run back and forth between groups to help them understand what is written in the agenda – what a beaker is, for example.  

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Additionally, every group has to have the same procedural explanation from the teacher in a short period of time. A combination of possibly toxic chemicals and expensive lab equipment means that students need constant supervision, which limits the number of separate teaching sessions.

Karl would like for students to learn the terminology used in the laboratory, as well as the names of various pieces of lab equipment and what they are used for. He also wants students to be more comfortable with procedures before they come to the lab.

The educational technologists recommend that you use a combination of different digital tools to help students learn what they need to know before laboratory teaching occurs.

Simple steps to take

As their teacher, you can give the student tips about Flashcard study apps, like StudyBlue that can help them review and learn new terminology. You can also create quizzes with Ping Pong’s survey function that students can use to practice with, answering as many times as necessary while learning to recognize different pieces of lab equipment and what they are used for.

Takes a bit more time

Video recordings of different lab processes would help students see what happens in an experiment. With the help of a recording program like Screencast-O-Matic, you could create  audiovisual demonstrations that the student could view as many times they need. The educational technologists can help you in our film studios to create learning material. We can also help with publishing to KI's media server, KI-Play.

KIB’s Educational technologists can help you with everything, from learning how to use Ping Pong more effectively, to finding free-to-use images and, recording your own presentations, uploading them on KI-Play, KI's media server. Contact us for more information or to arrange a coaching session.

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