How can I promote deeper learning?

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Anders thinks that his students have trouble understanding why they need to have a scientific attitude towards information even as future practicing doctors. Students often focus on memorizing details without realizing that it is not so important exactly what happens in the labs, but why each step looks like it does. This can be because they are not comfortable with the terms and concepts that have been introduced in the courses.

Anders wants the students to become better at reflection. Many of them have trouble putting theory and practice together into a cohesive whole for a deeper understanding of the subject.

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Strategies for deeper learning can include, for example, using a variety of methods of presenting new material, using good examples in combination with formative and peer assessment. Student engagement can be increased by giving them challenging assignments and projects based on collaborative discussion and real-life problems.

You can use audio and film to vary the way in which course material is presented. Find the material that will work for your course by accessing Open Educational Resources (OER).

Your lectures can even be recorded to podcasts or short videos which can be published on Ping Pong so that they are always available. There are several easy-to-use tools, i.e. VideoScribe or Educreations that can bring new life to an old Power Point presentation.

Your students can collaborate via the discussion forums in Ping Pong and meet each other wherever they happen to be with video-conferencing tools such as Zoom. The survey function in Ping Pong can be used to publish study questions that the student can answer as many times as necessary to learn new terms and concepts.

KIB’s educational technologists can help you with everything from better utilization of Ping Pong, to finding the right images to your presentations. Contact us for more information or to arrange a coaching session.

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