How can I make my lectures more interesting?

Elsa says that her lectures tend to be rather long and is afraid that students, who are used to pictures and video, might find the presentations rather boring.

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Besides that, students have different styles of learning; some do not seem to take much away from the lectures, but instead prefer to learn at their own pace and when they feel like it. Elsa wonders how she can meet the needs of all of her students and make her lessons more flexible. She would like to add variety to her teaching and on those especially intensive lectures, do something to lighten it up a bit for her students.

The Educational technologists can recommend several ways to add variety in teaching.

Simple steps Elsa can take

There are many ways to bring a presentation to life and make a lecture more interesting. Use humor to gain attention by using humorous images in presentations to lighten the mood and create a relaxed atmosphere. This can, in turn, encourage questions and discussion. Collect questions posed during the lecture and then share them along with the answers given via social media, for example on Ping Pong’s discussion forum, or the Facebook group for the course.  Split up a long lecture by showing short video clips related to the subject. Get students involved in the process by asking for tips and links to extra media.

Takes a bit more time

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Attention can wane after about 20 minutes. Counteract this effect by breaking up long lectures into shorter parts. Information that is usually repeated in every course could instead be presented in the form of a podcast or a video screencast.

Make learning more fun by applying the same type of awards system that is used in games. It is quite motivating for a student to be able to tick off their advancement in the course. Use Objectives and Progress in Ping Pong so the student can see how far they have come in the course.

The Educational technologists at KIB can help you with everything, from learning how to use Ping Pong more effectively, to finding free-to-use images, recording your own presentations and uploading them on KI’s media server. Contact us for more information or to arrange a coaching session.

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