How can I make learning more flexible?

Zhang is experiencing a change in student behavior. Students do not always come to lectures like before. Many students work and study at the same time, unable to devote the necessary time to learning. This can lead to gaps in their knowledge, while the demands and expectations from employers are steadily increasing.

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Furthermore, students have expressed the desire to interact more with each other, both during and between the times we meet on campus. Zhang’s question is how do we meet the needs of this generation of students? Zhang  wants to teach more flexibly, without a strict schedule and not always bound to the classroom.

The ICT-educators can recommend several steps that will make learning more engaging and interactive, even at a distance.

Simple steps

Use Ping Pong’s different functions, like for example, Chat and Ask Questions so students can easily stay in contact with you the teacher even if you do not meet so often. With the Discussion forum in Ping Pong, Students can converse with each other regardless of where they are. Social media like Facebook and Twitter can also be useful for meeting students where they are, and keep them informed during a course.

Takes a bit more time

One of the best ways to make teaching more flexible is to create a blend of campus meetings and web-based resources that are available online. 

Thanks to Open Educational Resources (OER), there is a large amount of material already available to use. Before producing your own material it can be a good idea to investigate what others have done. Another teacher may have already created just what you need. We have created a list of OER links that can help you find what you are looking for.

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With the help of recording tools like Audacity and Screencast-O-Matic, you can even create your own material and digitize your lectures in the form of a podcast or film. Despite taking more time at the beginning, once it is finished, you will have material that can be used in future courses. Different digital presentations can even be uploaded directly to Ping Pong or to KI-Play, KI's media bank. 

The ICT-educators can help you with everything from better utilization of Ping Pong, to finding the right images to your presentations, or even recording media and working with KI’s media bank. Contact us for more information or to arrange a coaching session.

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