How can I adapt my teaching to individual students?

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Pat thinks that there is wide variation in what students already know when they start a course. He says that it can be very difficult to determine which level to begin with and how advanced he can be without losing too many students along the way.

Some lectures focus mainly on subjects that should have already been covered at upper secondary level. It is therefore doubtful that these lectures are an especially constructive use of time. On the other hand, some students need to refresh their knowledge. How can we offer this teaching in a more individualized way? It would also be wonderful I could follow their learning progress right from the beginning and catch students before they veer off track.

The Educational technologists recommend that Pat try a technique called Flipping the Classroom to be able to adapt his teaching to differing levels of prior knowledge among students.

By Flipping the classroom, we mean that the teacher makes many of their lectures available on Ping Pong in the form of media, i.e. video. Class time can instead be spent on follow up discussions and practical problem-solving activities.


With the help of user-friendly programs like Screencast-o-Matic, for example, you can record your presentations. In addition, with Ping Pong, you can embed a video clip that students can watch whenever and wherever they like. You can even upload the media you produce to KI's media server, KI-Play , enabling you to easily share with others.

With Ping Pong’s survey and test functions, it is easy to create questions and quizzes connected to each video. Using the Progress tool, you can then follow every student’s development and make sure they understand what is being taught. 

Would you like to know more about how you can use Ping Pong to flip your classroom? Contact the Educational technologists for help. We can advise you and even help you produce your own material. Ring or mail your questions, or arrange a coaching session with us.

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