Part 2: Endnote in Word (PC)

The following examples are from Word 2016. If you are using a different version of Word, you can find thorough instructions in "The Little EndNote How-To Book".

Instant formatting

Our recommendation is to start up by turning off the instant formatting of the bibliography. If this functionality is activated, the bibliography will automatically be updated everytime new citations are added to the document. This could be annoying, particularly if you have a large document with many citations.

Change the default settings by choosing Instant Formatting is Off.

Insert citations

  1. Place the cursor in the text where you want to add a citation.
  2. Go to your Endnote library.
  3. Mark the reference you want to use. If you need more than one, use the control (Ctrl) button.
  4. Go back to Word.
  5. Choose EndNote X9 tab.
  6. Click on Insert Citation and choose Insert Selected Citation(s) from the list.

Alternatively you can search your Endnote library and insert citation.

  1. Go to Word
  2. Choose EndNote X9 tab.
  3. Click on Insert Citation and Find and Insert Citation(s).

The citation will appear in a coded form and will be transformed in the next step. Repeat the procedure until you’re done.

Create a bibliography

The next step is to update the in-text citations and create a bibliography according to a specific output style.

  1. Choose the EndNote X9 tab menu.
  2. Click the arrow to the right of Bibliography.

  3. A Configure Bibliography dialogue box appear.
  4. Choose your preferred Output Style by using Browse ... Use the initial letter for the output style, for example "L" for Lancet, to find it more easily.
  5. Click OK.

If you do not find your output style click on visit Part 5: Tips and tricks (more output styles)

Convert to Plain Text

When your manuscript is finished and ready to be submitted to a journal, or if you just want to send the text to a colleague, it is a good idea to save a copy of the document in Plain Text – that is without Endnote codes.

  1. Click on Convert Citations and Bibliography.
  2. Select Convert to Plain Text in the list.

  3. A dialogue box will appear informing you that a copy of your document without any codes will be created. Click OK

  4. Name the new document so it is obvious which document that still has the field codes and which has not, for example "with codes" and "without codes".

Separate bibliography

You can quickly create a reference list that you can paste into a document, for example a CV.

The references are sorted and formatted according to the rules of the selected style.

  1. Go to Endnote.
  2. Choose the style you want to use from the drop down menu on the menu list.
  3. Select the desired references in your Library, use the Ctrl-button.
  4. Edit → Copy formatted or right click and choose Copy formatted.
  5. Switch to your Word document (or other).
  6. Put the cursor where you like the reference list to start.
  7. Click on Paste.
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