Extended hours at the library

During 2020 extended opening hours will only be available at the library in Flemingsberg, due to renovation work in Solna. Read more about the new library in Solna

KI students can use the library in Flemingsberg's services and premises before and after regular opening hours. All you need is your KI card (and PIN code). Please note that the KI card is mandatory when staying after hours.

All information about the KI card kan be found at KI card for students

Please note that the access function is ruled by the course start date. If you're a new student, the access will be activated on the day your course starts, not before.

Employees will also be able to use the library after hours, check the heading How does it work for KI staff?

How does it work?

The library premises in Flemingsberg are open every day 7:00 - 22:00 (this includes public holidays) with your KI card (+ PIN code). After regular opening hours, there will be no library staff around, but security guards will be on campus as usual, and can always be reached by phone (their contact number will be clearly visible in the library). However, security guards cannot help with library issues. With your KI card you are welcome to use the library's premises as usual. You borrow and return books in our self checkout machines.

You must have your KI card (+ PIN code) to enter the library's premises during the extended hours. All glass doors will be closed at 3.00pm. In Flemingsberg, you enter and exit through the door just next to the regular entrance.

How does it work for KI staff?

If you are an employee at KI (including doctoral students), you will need to get your access card activated. Please fill out this form to get access.

All KI affiliated with a KI-ID are entitled to obtain an access card

How does it work for "external visitors" (not affiliated with KI)?

You are welcome to visit the library during our regular opening hours. Only visitors with a KI card may stay at the premises after regular opening hours. If you want to return books when the library is closed, use our book drops near the entrances.

What happens if you need help?

During extended hours, the library operates on a self-service basis. There are many guides and tips on our website, for example printing and copying.

Should the self checkout machines not work, instructions on what to do instead are posted nearby.

What happens if you have forgotten your KI card?

The KI card is the key to visiting the library during the extended hours. If you have forgotten your card, you will not be allowed to use the premises.

What happens if you have forgotten your PIN number for your KI card?

You can quickly and easily change your PIN using the student account login (you need to be at campus in order to access the site). 

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