Book Torget

Torget can not currently be booked, due to COVID-19.

Torget is a public venue suitable for a variety of events. KI students and staff may book Torget free of charge, but all events must be free, non-commercial, and open to all. Furthermore, the events should in some way relate to KI's activities.

How to book

To book Torget, please contact the library via telephone, e-mail, or by asking the staff at the library. 

Telephone & chat Mon – Fri 9:00 – 16:00.
08-524 84 000

You are welcome to send posters and additional information about your event to


Torget is equipped with a projector, a projector screen, a laptop, loud speakers, headsets, and microphones. The venue in Solna is equipped with approximately 70 chairs, and Flemingsberg is equipped with approximately 40 chairs. You may rearrange the furniture to better suit your needs, but if you do so, you must restore Torget afterwards.

Before your event

Please note that you're responsible for the event area, and you need to make sure that furniture and technology works for you. Therefore, please arrive at least half an hour before your event starts to check the venue. Sometimes the chairs are stacked on the side. Make sure you also have time after your event to restore Torget to the original setting.

If you decide to offer snacks or food, please do so with the environment in mind. Try to exclude plastic.


You are expected to manage your event on your own. When you arrive at the library, please visit the library staff to fetch the key to the equipment locker. Close to the locker, you will find detailed instructions on how to use the technical equipment. The staff at the library provides limited technical support, so please book an appointment with our IT support if you want an in-depth introduction on how to use the technical equipment available at Torget. 

Mon – Fri 8:00 – 16:00 (only support by phone and e-mail).
08-524 82 222

If your event ends after 5 pm

All events must start during regular opening hours. If your event ends after 5 pm, you are responsible for making sure that all participants exit the library. In Flemingsberg, visitors exit through the door next to the entrance. Remember to lock the equipment locker, and then return the key by dropping it into the book drop located outside the library building (Alfred Nobels allé 8).

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