Study facilities

Please note that the library in Solna will be closed for renovation during 2020, and a pop-up library is open instead, on Retzius väg 13B, floor 3. 

Our ambition is to satisfy a variety of needs with respect to study facilities. There are many open spaces for students to work individually or in groups, but there are also a lot of halls and rooms intended for specific purposes. The library in Flemingsberg offers extended opening hours for students and KI staff. This means you can enter the library before and after regular hours with your KI card. 

Two students working in Huddinge. Photo Stefan Zimmerman

Group study rooms

Book a group study room

There are group study rooms Flemingsberg that can be booked by KI students and doctoral students for group work. You will find 20 rooms (and one resource room) in Flemingsberg. During 2020 there will be no available group study rooms in the library in Solna due to renovation.

Working alone in a group study room is not permitted as there are plenty of places for individual study in the library. You can read more about the rules that apply when booking a room.

Group study rooms are equipped with a whiteboard, computer and a large screen to in order to aid tasks within a group. Whiteboard pens can be borrowed from the baskets in the course book room.

Bear in mind that group study rooms are popular - plan and make your booking well in advance. Please cancel any booking you do not intend to use. You can't book or cancel via library staff, you manage all your bookings through the website.

Specific booking rules apply to teachers who want to book a group study room for teaching

Book group rooms outside of the library

There are also group study rooms outside the library on both campuses that students can use. More information can be found at Lokalbokning (in Swedish only). 

Book group rooms outside of the library

Silent reading room in Flemingsberg

There is a silent reading room in Flemingsberg for those who want to work completely undisturbed. Specific rules apply in the silent reading rooms; you may not talk or use a computer, but tablets without keyboards are allowed. The rule of thumb is that it should be completely silent in the silent reading rooms.

Computer rooms

There are 3 computer rooms in Solna and 4 in Flemingsberg where students can study. Some of them are teaching rooms and may at times be booked by teachers.

Mon – Fri 10:00 – 15:00 (22 June – 2 August) (only support by phone and e-mail).
08-524 82 222

Resource rooms

The resource rooms in Flemingsberg and Solna are specially equipped rooms for you with some form of reading difficulty. In order to use the rooms, you must first have a certificate from the coordinator in Student Affairs. Each resource room contains two computers that run special software and there is also magnification equipment. The computers run software for speech synthesis, magnification, advanced spell-checking, language dictionary, etc.

Read more about or book the resource rooms


Torget is a public venue suitable for a variety of events (at the moment only available in Flemingsberg). KI students and staff may book Torget free of charge, but all events must be free, non-commercial, and open to all. Furthermore, the events should in some way relate to KI's activities. 

Read more about Torget and how to book this venue

Comfort rules

Respect the sound zones

The library in Flemingsberg is divided into three zones where different sound levels are expected. Keep track of where you are and follow the rules for that particular zone.

Zone 1 (Entrance) - Normal sound level
Zone 2 (Group rooms / Lecture rooms) - Low sound level, talking allowed but use an indoor voice
Zone 3 (Other spaces) - Total silence, no conversations or sounds are permitted

The library

  • Keep the library environment clean at all times. 
  • Pick up after you and throw your garbage in the library's recycling bin.
  • If you have moved furniture, put them in order before you leave.
  • You may not bring hot food into the library, but coffee and snacks are allowed. 
  • Pets are not generally allowed in the library, set aside service dogs who are very welcome. 
  • KIB has a none tolerance policy against discrimination, sexism and racism, all library visitors and staff must be treated with respect.

Group rooms

  • If you have booked a group room and do not show up within 15 minutes, you will lose the entire reservation (all the hours) and someone else may use the room.
  • Group rooms should be used by a group, ie. at least two people.

IT policy

  • The library's computers should only be used with good judgment. You may not browse websites that are sexually explicit or otherwise inappropriate. Don't view, send or download anything offensive. See Agreement for the utilization of IT resources.

Library equipment

  • Treat the library property with respect and be careful with all the equipment.
  • Library materials must not be marked, defaced, mutilated or annotated in any way.
  • If you borrow our blankets do not bring them outside the library and return them to the blanket basket when you leave.
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