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In order to print, copy and scan you need a student account, and preferably a KI card for faster management. (If you're not a student, you need a library card with a corresponding computer login).

Manage printing account

Log in to KI Print

You buy print-outs after logging in to KI Print. Please note that you cannot withdraw money you have already paid, instead, buy smaller amounts that you know you will spend during your study period.

If you have money left in the old payment system Payex, you need to make a withdrawal. Guide on how to withdraw money from Payex

Get started

As a student, you use your student account to log in to KI Print (the printing system). You can start scanning at once. To print and copy you need to buy prints-outs. You can buy prints in KI Print with your debit card. Here's how to buy print-outs in KI Print

If you are not KI affiliated, you can start using your printing account as soon as you have picked up your library card and bought print-outs through KI Print. You also need to connect your library card and the printer. You do this at one of the printers by putting your library card against the card reader and logging in with your login details (cb\personal identity number (10 or 12 digits) and your password). 

If you are an KI employee (also doctoral students) you must first go to one of the printers in or outside the library and log in with your KI login on the display. After that, your printing account is enabled, and you have cost-free print-outs.


The default when printing is 2-sided black and white. To print 1-sided or in colour, you must select this manually when printing from the computer (usually by checking Printer Properties).

  • Select Skriv ut / Print on the computer and make sure use the printer / printing queue FollowKibskrivare.
  • Go to any printer and swipe your KI card against the card reader (you can also print without your card; log in on the printer display)
  • The printer will now display a list of any documents you've printed from the computer. Select the documents you want to print out and press Print.
  • If you press > (the symbol to the right of every listed document) you are able to adjust the number of printouts of that particular document.
  • Press Logout when you're finished. 


You can copy at any machine connected to the printing system. Hold your KI card (or library card) against the card reader, press Device Funtions on the display, and then choose Copy.


Hold your KI card (or library card) against the card reader and press Scan on the display. If necessary, choose your settings. The completed scan will be sent to your registererd email (student email for students). Scanning is free and environmentally friendly! 


Black and white Colour
A4, 1-sided 0,50 SEK A4,1-sided 1,00 SEK
A4, 2-sided 0,90 SEK (0,45) SEK A4, 2-sided 1,90 SEK (0,95) SEK
A3, 1-sided 1,00 SEK A3, 1-sided 2,00 SEK
A3, 2-sided 1,90 kr (0,95) SEK A3, 2-sided 3,90 SEK (1,95) SEK

Find the printers

You can collect your printouts at any printer if you choose FollowKibSkrivare when printing from the computer. Here are a list of the location of the computer rooms. 

The printers' name Location House Campus
Akvariet Outside computer room Hanna (near the pop-up library) House 75, Retzius väg 13, floor 3 Solna
Elvis Near former Infopunkten (Information desk) BZ, floor 2 Solna
Presley Near former Infopunken (Information desk) BZ, floor 2 Solna
Artemis In the space between lecture halls Gunnar Höglund and Rolf Bergin BZ, floor 4 Solna
Ana23a Opposite computer rooms Urban och Ursula (on the other side of the stairs) Alfred Nobels allé 23, floor 3 Flemingsberg
Ana23b Directly above the printer Ana23a on floor 3 Alfred Nobels allé 23, floor 5 Flemingsberg
Repro01 In the Repro room in the library Alfred Nobels allé 8, floor 4 Flemingsberg
Repro02 In the Repro room in the library Alfred Nobels allé 8, floor 4 Flemingsberg
Hypofysen Outside lecture rooms Hypofysen 1 and 2 (in the library) Alfred Nobels allé 8, floor 4 Flemingsberg

Print from your own computer

Printing from your own computer is simple. Log in to KI Print, then choose Web Print. Click Submit a Job

Choose your preferred setting by choosing a "printer" under Printer name. This determines your choice of black and white or color, and printing single or double sided. (You don't need to do anything in the field "Select a printer"). At the moment, you can't print A3 from your own computer.

Click on 2. Print Options and Account Settings. Choose the number of copies.

Click on 3. Upload documents. (Use Upload or Drag & drop). Upload your document, click on Upload & Complete. Then go to any printer and pick up your print-outs. The uploaded documents remain at your account for 24 hours , which means you can prepare print-outs at home, if you'd like. 


The library provide access to e-journals, but it is important that everyone follows the publishers' rules about how their materials may be used. You must see to it that you follow the directions for each different media type.

It is not allowed to copy or print an entire book.

Read more about copyright.

Common problems 

If you can't change a foreign mobile number when buying print-outs in KI Print.

1. Click on Skip PNO. 

2. Now you can change prefix.

Mon – Fri 8:00 – 16:00 (phone hours). In the library: 12:00 – 15:00 (Flemingsberg) and 11:30 – 13:00 (Solna).
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