Karolinska Institutet University Library (KIB) is a public library, open to all. During the COVID-19 pandemic these rules and services might be temporarily changed.

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Library card

Anyone who has turned 16 years of age and has a valid Swedish ID can apply for a library card. If you have a foreign passport you need to show a certificate that you are currently studying at a Swedish university.

PIN code

  • Students change their PIN code trough KIPAS (only accessible at campus).
  • Other library users can change the PIN code in My Account

Library service regulations

When applying, you must accept our library service regulations. As a student, you accept our regulations by activating your student account.

Lost library card

If you lose your KI card, it is important that you report it to the Safety Unit at KI. Contact the Safety Unit to arrange a new card.

If you're not a student, you can purchase a new library card for 25 SEK at the library.

Validity period

  • For KI students, the library card is valid for the entire study period.
  • For others users the normal validity period for a library card is 2 years, after which it must be renewed at the library.

Contact details

If you should move, please update your contact information under My Account (non-students) or Ladok (students)

Loan periods

Books that are not specially marked in the library catalogue have a 21-day loan period.

The loan period for course books is normally 7 days, 11 days if they are sent by post. Distance students can use the service of borrowing by post. You can read more under Postal loans in our library service regulations.

Other library service regulations apply to those with reading difficulties. Read about loan periods and more options for those who require custom literature.


Day loans must be returned to the same library unit (Flemingsberg or Solna) from where you borrowed them no later than 8:00 AM on the following weekday. Day loans borrowed on Fridays are to be returned no later than 8:00 AM on the following Monday. 

All other literature may be returned to any of our libraries that suits you best. If the library is closed you can use our book drop:

Reserving and renewing books

To reserve a book out on loan or to renew the books you have at home, you must first log in to My Account

All 7-day loans (course books) and 21-day loans is automatically renewed two days before the return date, if there is no reservation on the book. You will not recieve any messages from the library when the books are renewed automatically.

If the book is reserved by another user, or if a maximum number of lending weeks has passed, a reminder to return the book is sent by e-mail, two days before the last return date. The maximum time that a 7-day loan (course book) can be renewed is 26 weeks. 21-day loan can be renewed a maximum of 52 weeks.

Day loans cannot be renewed.

At the end of each month, an e-mail is sent for all current loans and reservations and any other communications relating to your loan account. At any time, you can also check your loans by logging in to My Account.

Fines and invoices

Please note that delay fees are temporarily removed due to COVID-19.

Books that are not returned or renewed on time carry a fine. As borrower you are personally responsible for keeping track of when the books are to be returned, even if you are sick or on holiday.

  • The fine for 7-day loans and 21-day loans is 10 SEK per book and day
  • The fine for overdue day loans is 20 SEK per hour and book.

If your debt amounts to 100 SEK, your library card is blocked for loans, renewals and reservations until the debt is settled. You pay your fines by card or swish at the library. 

If you have not returned a book after a longer period of time, an invoice for the replacement fee is sent. You do not need to pay the invoice if you return the book.

More information on fines and invoices can be found in our library service regulations.

Submit purchase suggestions

If you do not find what you are looking for in our catalogue, please feel free to submit a purchase suggestion (if you are KI affiliated). KIB is a user-driven library. In addition to course literature, we procure the material (books, journals, databases) requested by our customers to the extent possible. If it is not possible to purchase a book, we try to borrow it from another library for you as a student or employee at KI.

Please note that we do not borrow books for students that can be found at another library in the Stockholm area.

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