Examination hall Bengt Winbladsalen (Neo) & BZ

The examination halls can be booked for digital and analog exams. Both digital exams as well as traditional ones on paper are conducted in the same hall. 

The idea is that it should be possible to have both kinds of exams in the halls without having to re-furnish or re-install the computers. This means that the computers must be on the tables even when they are not in use. The movable screen covered in gray felt can be hanged on a hook on one side of the table during an analog exam. Likewise, the keyboard can be moved to a holder under the table and the mouse to a holder back off the computer screen. The exam guard ensures that this will be done, either by doing it by themselves or having the students to do so. This is not included in the IT support.

The computers in the examination halls are installed to be used for web-based examination via Inspera and Safe Exam Browser or DigiExam. For this, the browsers Google Chrome (default), Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox are installed. No other software such as Microsoft Word is available on the computers.

In case of technical issues with the computers contact Student-IT

Mon – Fri 8:00 – 16:00 (only support by phone and e-mail).
08-524 82 222

In case of problems getting into the examination hall

The examination hall opens when the booking start. Otherwise contact AV-Support

After 16.30 on weekdays and during weekends, contact the KI security guard.
Flemingsberg: 08 – 524 86 060. Solna: 08 – 524 86 429

In case of technical issues with projectors and sound system

During daytime on weekdays, please contact AV-Support

Storage cabinets

Student IT cannot open the storage cabinets in the writing room. During daytime on weekdays, please contact AV-Support 

After 16.30 on weekdays and during weekends, contact the KI security guard.
Flemingsberg: 08 – 524 86 060. Solna: 08 – 524 86 429

Analogue examination

Hang the gray felt screen on the hook on one side of the table, put the keyboard in the holder under the table and the mouse in the holder back off the computer screen. This way the screen does not light up and disturb during the exam. Please do not turn off the computers or unplug any cables as this may cause problems for the next digital examination or upcoming updates on the computer.

Digital examination

Place the gray felt screen, mouse and keyboard on the table. Check that the computers are on and have internet connection. Make sure that the students can log in with their student account. Otherwise the exam guard can help the students to log in with Neo/BZ - login credentials provided by Student-IT (these login details should not be spread).

Which platform is used in a digital examination?

Inspera or DigiExam

Problems which might occur

The computer does not start or seems to have no internet

Make sure all cables are in place in the computer and that the computer is on (touch the mouse or the keyboard – and the computer will start, otherwise the start button is under the screen on the right side). Restart the computer. If it still does not work, ask the student to change computer. If all the other computers are busy, Student-IT can replace the non-functioning computer with a new. Call 08 - 524 82 222 (option nr 2) for further assistance.  

Please make an error report to Student-IT and enter the number of the table where the computer is. 

The mouse/keyboard to the computer does not seem to work

Pull the mouse/keyboard cord out of the computer and replace it again.

The student cannot log on to the computer

Make sure that the students login with their user name and password.

If this doesn't work, you as a teacher can user your KI login (for employees) and download a general login for the Neo/BZ-halls (you will be redirected to a website where you use your KI login for attaining the credentials). These login credentials are not allowed to share. 

Where can students with disabilities write their examination in the examination hall? 

There are two separate rooms in each examination hall.

The student cannot log out from the computer after the examination

Ctrl + Alt + Delete - Log Out

Food and drinks

Drinks and something edible are allowed (but no nuts).

Error report

Please report errors with the technical equipment or other issues in the examination halls.

Please reset the room to its original condition!

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