Book computer rooms and examination halls

As a teacher at KI you can book Student IT's computer classrooms for your lectures and examinations halls for your exams.

Computer rooms

There are two bookable computer classrooms on campus Flemingsberg: s301, s311, s501 och s511 in Zanderska huset, Alfred Nobels allé 23. There are four bookable computer classrooms in Solna: Ada Lovelace and Grace Hopper on floor 4 and Enter and Space on floor 5 in BZ house, Berzelius väg 3.

You book through the KI booking system TimeEdit. Please note that special conditions apply for weekends, see the next section.

Book through TimeEdit

Examination halls

There is two bookable examination halls in Flemingsberg, examination hall in Alfred Nobels allé 23 and  Bengt Winbladsalen (Neo 1 & 2), and two in Solna, BZ (Skrivsal 1 & 2) floor 2 and Franklinsalen in Scheele laboratory. More information about the examination halls.

You book through the KI booking system TimeEdit. Please note that special conditions apply for weekends, see the next section.

Book through TimeEdit

Booking during a weekend?

KIB can't offer any support during holidays (Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays). It's important to contact Student IT beforehand so we can double check that the computer room is in order, but we can't take responsibility for any disturbances that occur after office hours.

It is also important to inform about special requests well in advance so that it can be arranged before the course.

Mon – Fri 8:00 – 16:00 (only support by phone and e-mail).
08-524 82 222

Software installations

All computers in the rooms are equipped with a basic range of applications. However, there are many courses that require more advanced programs. Student IT can not afford to purchase licenses for all of these programs. But we gladly install program for a certain course, provided that the course coordinator is responsible for the licenses.

The programs are installed using scripts from a central server. For us to be able to install in time for the course, we must receive software and licenses at least 15 work days before the course starts. Sometimes we already have the scripts and just need to do the actual installation, but it is still important that we are contacted in advance. When we install a program, we encourage that you as a teacher try out the program in advance so that everything works when the actual course starts.

Cost for program installation

  • The "installation package" cost 600 per hour for all customers (only required in cases where the application scripts aren't already installed).
  • Monitoring of input / uninstall costs SEK 600 per course.

Login details

Each teacher will receive a account to log in with. The account can also be used by the students if they do not have a student account.

It is also useful if the teacher wants to upload files in a shared folder that all participants need access to.

The teacher is responsible for the credentials and shall ensure that any data is not available in computer room, and that all computers are logged off after the lecture.

Note that these accounts are only valid for logging on to the computers in the Student IT's computer classrooms.

Access to the premises

The premises open when the booking starts.

Telephone & chat Mon – Fri 9:00 – 16:00.
08-524 84 000

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