Open access to research results is a way of “maintaining and promoting high-quality research”

The discussions on open access to scholarly publications started more than 20 years ago. 

Open access to research results produced at the universities are of great use to society at large.

The Swedish Government has formulated a goal to make research results financed via public funds accessible to everyone. 

Current way to evaluate, as well as merit- and allocation systems, has to be revised.

Research funding agencies and educational institutions share responsibility for financing of publication.

Relevant authorities should be responsible for following-up the national costs of publication.

The transition to open access book publication has been slower than of journals.

The role of science in achieving the goal of sustainable development.

We need to strengthen and develop the infrastructure and standards of scientific publishing.

The scientific journal is still an essential component of scientific communication. 

A national database over research published in scientific journals in Sweden.

Rogue method of publication constitutes a genuine threat to serious research.

Does academic freedom mean you can publish wherever, whenever and however you wish?

All research products must fulfill FAIR-principles, as far as it is possible to do so!


CC BY license should be used in research and higher education in Sweden.