If I connect or let Karolinska Institutet create my ORCID-ID, what will KI know about my ORCID profile and can I affect it later?

Karolinska Institutet will, unless you specify otherwise, only have access to the public parts of your profile (usually your ORCID-ID, your biography and your publication list). If you choose to create or connect an ORCID-ID in the bibliometric system, we will know your ORCID-ID, but that is the only difference between KI and anyone else.

If you wish us to help you populate your ORCID profile with your publications or your KI/SLL affiliation(s), the temporary write-access you grant us will only be valid one hour.

You can always revoke our right to read your profile at ORCID.org. If you want to disconnect your ORCID-ID completely from Karolinska Institutet, so that we won't even know that it exists, please send an email to kib@ki.se

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