How do I log in to the Bibliometric System?

You can log in with either a KI-login (KI) or a HSA-id (SLL). Choose which option you want to use by clicking the either the KI Login button or the SLL Login button on the login page.

KI-login: The Karolinska Institutet IT Centrum offers e-mail accounts, KI-login and VPN (Virtual Private Network), see the Staff Portal.

HSA-id: SLL uses a login name of 4 characters called HSA-id for most SLL systems. To be able to login to the bibliometric system you also have to use one of two authentication options:

  • a card reader connected to your computer;
  • a temporary authentication code via SMS (If you do not have your mobile phone number registered in EK you will have to contact your local EK administrator and get your number registered first).
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