How do I export publication data to ORCID from the Karolinska bibliometric system?

To export publications from the Karolinska bibliometric system to ORCID:

  1. Click Export in the My publications box on your start page.
  2. Mark the the checkbox ORCID in the Export selected publications section.
  3. Select the records that you want to send to ORCID, then click Export

You will be redirected to ORCID where you have to grant Karolinska Institutet the right to publish on your ORCID profile. (This permission is temporary and will expire once the export is done.)

Unfortunately, the duplicate elimination at ORCID is not perfect. Sometimes the same publication sent twice may result in duplicate records at If you want minimize the risk for duplicates – look for the ID-icon to the right on each record to see if you have sent the record to ORCID via our system before.

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