Educational Technologists

The department of Educational Technology Support employs a group of educational technologists to give faculty and staff at KI support in using KI's learning management system, Ping Pong, as well as offering advice and suggestions on the implementation of other educational technologies in teaching and learning. The Educational Technologists at KIB are involved in the production of MOOCs at KI

From January 1, the library's Educational Technologists change organisational affiliation to the newly started educational unit Undervisning och Lärande (Teaching and Learning) (UoL). More information will be proided as the new unit gets started. You can still contact the Educational Technologists via the library's web site, and most of the web material is still available on the Produce & educate page

Faculty at KI are welcome to contact The Educational Technologists regarding the following:

  • KI's Learning Management System (VLE), Ping Pong
  • KI's new Learning Management System, Canvas
  • Educational tools
  • Video and audio recording and how to integrate them into your courses
  • Course design for net-based learning

Please note: Faculty needing help with their user account, access to courses (or giving students access to courses) should contact the department's own Ping Pong administrator. Students with questions regarding courses in Ping Pong should contact their teacher. FAQ on Ping Pong

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