Academic Writing Support

Academic Writing Support helps you improve your academic writing, reading and oral presentation skills, as well as your popular science writing.  You are also welcome to attend one of our online workshops.

Book an Appointment

You book an appointment by using our booking calendar.   

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Your Appointment

  • At the moment, appointments are only available online.
  • Please send us your text at least one business day before the appointment will take place: Please indicate which section of your text you would like to discuss.
  • You will then be sent a link to an online meeting room. Online meetings take place via Zoom.
  • You can make two appointments per text. Additional appointments may be available after consultation with your Writing Support instructor.
  • If you do not send us your text beforehand, we will use part of our time to read your text.

Cancel your Appointment

Do not forget to cancel your appointment if you can no longer attend, click on Profile & my bookings. If you do not cancel your appointment, it will count as one of your two appointments per text.

Attend an Open Workshop

Attend one of our open workshops

Request a Workshop

KI programs and faculty can request workshops in academic reading, writing and oral presentation skills free of charge.

Workshops are available

  • at the undergraduate or graduate level
  • on campus or as webinars
  • as stand-alone workshops or as a series of workshops integrated into a course or program.

Academic Writing Support also offers workshops intended to support KI faculty in the teaching and tutoring of student writing.

Contact our English-language Writing Instructors for more information, or get in touch via

Explore Academic Writing

Explore the page on Academic Writing –  learn more about structure, style and grammar in academic texts.

Finding Us

At the moment, you can only meet us online. (Ordinarily, we are located on the second floor of the University Library, Berzelius väg 7B, Solna.) 

The Writing Instructors

Writing instructor (English)

Anna M Borgström

08-524 84 173
User Support and Teaching

Writing Instructor (English)

Gabriella Ekman

User Support and Teaching

Writing Instructor (Swedish)

Kristina Froelich

08-524 84 051
User Support and Teaching

Writing instructor (Swedish)

Karl Gudmundsson Qureshi

08-524 84 045
User Support and Teaching

Writing instructor (Swedish)

Bodil Moberg (on leave)

08-524 83 601
User Support and Teaching

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