Your library card on your phone with Passbook and iOS6

Do you keep forgetting your library card and wish you could have it on your phone? A new and elegant way of saving tickets, coupons and other cards was introduced by Apple last week, in the latest iPhone update to iOS 6. You might have seen the icon already, labeled "Passbook", so why not try it out by adding your University library card?

To add your library card to Passbook, enter this address in Safari on your iPhone:

Enter your name and library card barcode number in the form, and press "Skapa pass". The card will now download and be displayed as a preview before you can save it. Press the "Add" button to save, and you're done!

Now when your library card is saved, you can access it by going in to the Passbook app. As soon as you're in, or close to the library, the card will be displayed automatically on your home screen for quick access when you're at the self-checkout machine for instance. This requires that location services are turned on though, and can be disabled of course.

Unfortunately our self checkout-machines can't read barcodes on smartphone screens. This means you have to enter the barcode number manually instead of scanning it. This can be done by pressing the "No patron card?" button at the bottom of the screen when asked to scan.

We hope this service will simplify life for at least some of you, and we will happily take suggestions or comments by either mail, phone or chat.