Nu finns Frasbanken på svenska!

Vill du ha tips på ord och fraser när du skriver Vetenskapliga texter? Margareta Olofsson på Språkverkstaden har översatt The Academic Phrasebank från The University of Manchester till svenska. I Frasbanken får du stöd för att skriva diskussion, redovisa resultat, skriva referenser osv.

Titta gärna mer på den svenska Frasbanken. Är du intresserad av originalversionen, se The Academic Phrasebank.

SciFinder Mobile now available

With no need to download a special app, the new SciFinder Mobile platform allows researchers to use web-enabled smartphones to access CAS databases through SciFinder, a research tool for chemical and related sciences.

Find out how you can access SciFinder as a KI researcher, read more about the features and watch the instruction video.

New features in My NCBI

My NCBI have released a new customizable home page. The individual functions in My NCBI now have their own window and can be repositioned as you like by clicking and dragging. You can also minimize, remove and choose wich windows to display. The settings are remembered for the next time you sign in.

What is My NCBI?

My NCBI is a tool that saves searches and results from multiple NCBI databases, and features an option to automatically update and e-mail search results from your saved searches.

Take the tour and learn more about the new features in the introduction film  “My NCBI:new home page” .

Seven free apps to help you out in the lab

Do you have a smartphone and work a lot in the lab? Perhaps one of the seven apps reviewed here might be useful to you.

Harvard top five apps

 Harvard Medical School encourages its students to take advantage of the growing number of mobile medical apps. In this article the top five medical apps at Harvard are listed.

Bibliometrics toolkit for researchers

MyRI (Irish bibliometrics project) has published an introductory toolkit for bibliometrics that you can access online or download on to your computer:
An Open Access toolkit to support bibliometrics training and awareness
This Open Access toolkit is Creative Commons licensed resource that gives you the right to re-use and adapt the material.
Karolinska Institutet's bibliometrics database includes data from the whole world and therefore can provide not only the indicators mentioned in this toolkil but also those indicators that take into account the age of a publication and differences in citation traditions within different areas. One example is the Field Normalized Citation Score Average which is one of the indicators used in allocating direct research funds from Karolinska Institutet/SLL to the departments/clinics. You can get more detailed information on how bibliometrics are used within Karolinska Institutet.

Oxford Textbook of Medicine and Medical Handbooks

Karolinska Institutet can now provide online access to Oxford Textbook of Medicine, a prestigious reference work for doctors and medical students. The extensive work, frequently updated, gives practical and reliable guidance on clinical management and the prevention of disease. Besides containing the full text, figures and illustrations and an easy-to-use interface it also provides links to sources and further reading via PubMed and ISI.
The series of pocket handbooks, Oxford Medical Handbooks are now also available online. The series include 79 books in medicine, nursing and dentistry, written by experienced authors, providing quick and reliable access to vital information.

Research Professional - funding database at KI

Do you need help with obtaining information and news about research funding and grants? Karolinska Institutet invites you to workshops where you can get acquainted with Research Professional, a database for funding services. See information about the different workshop dates. You can access the Research Professional database on campus without signing in, but if you want to save your individual searches you need to register first.

Dalai Lama to visit Södertörn University

Dalai Lama will visit the Södertörn University this Friday, 15 April. For more information click here(information is in Swedish only).

Curious at medical apps for iPhone and Android?

Check out iMedicalApps!

Most apps that are reviewed for iPhone, see  TOP 10, but there is also a top 15 list of Android apps  for practicing physicians. In addition to reviews of apps you can find articles about other technologies that may be of use in the medical field. Among other things, you can read a review of PubMed's new mobile-adapted interface or the first interactive medical textbook for the iPad.

The team behind the site consists of medical practitioners and medical students based in USA. They write that iMedicalApps is an independent medical online publication focusing on comments and reviews of mobile health technologies and applications. Their evaluations and comments are based own experiences in their clinical work.