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30 years of HIV/AIDS history in a unique film archive

Karolinska Institutet is in the process of creating a unique record of the global HIV/AIDS epidemic from 1985 onwards. Our vision is to create a digital, on-line film archive for visual education and research.

The first visual history of an epidemic

For almost thirty years, the Swedish film director and journalist Staffan Hildebrand has documented the global impact of the AIDS epidemic. He has interacted with and interviewed doctors, researchers, AIDS activists, people infected with HIV, and others with experience in HIV/AIDS. He has filmed at conferences and hospitals, in laboratories and on the streets in over 40 countries resulting in approximately 700 hours of film, to date.

This is a unique collection for researchers, students and others interested in understanding the spread of the disease and its impact on society.

This year, Karolinska Institutet in Sweden has taken the first steps to make this archive accessible to the world and to secure it for the future. The goal is to create a web-based film archive for teaching, research and information – the first visual history of an epidemic.

The first version will be available for scholarly use by researchers and teachers. Later on, the archive will be further developed for the benefit of anyone interested in learning about the history of the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

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Erik Stattin

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Fredrik Persson

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